Fringe S4 : Thoughts and theories

So many feelings. This season, I swear. Please, forgive my bad English. I just had to talk about it ;)

Peter and Olivia : I feel like the show isn’t trying to be subtle about Peter and Olivia. When Nina and Weiss are discussing the future in S3, Weiss told Nina that the future of the blue!universe would depend on Peter’s choice : Alt!Liv or Olivia.
When Peter is in September’s mind, September is telling him he needs to be with the “right Olivia”.
That’s probably the one thing I dislike about this pairing : the fact that it has to be them.
We’re lucky Peter is already in love with blue!Olivia because this feels like fate isn’t giving him much of a choice.
By the way, Joshua Jackson sold this pairing for me : you can always see the fear, confusion and deep love on his face when it involves Olivia.
It doesn’t mean it’s okay for September to tell him he has to pick Olivia to save the “future”.

August and September : August fell in love with a girl in the blue!universe. He basically committed suicide so that the girl he fell in love with would be “important” and “saved”.
September witnessed August’s death.
I can’t help but think there are parallels between September and August.
I’m not saying September is in love with Olivia or Peter !
I’m just saying, September is willing to die in order to save those two.
I also remember that episode “Inner Child” about the child Olivia and Peter rescued ?
What if September is that child, born in the past, brought in the future ?
September also shares a deep bond with Walter. Walter is the one who helped the child.
I can’t help but think the reason September is too involved with those people is because they helped him. He owes them. It’s just a theory right now, not much of a proof. I have no idea how it works.
I just have this feeling that September thinks of Olivia and Peter as his parents.

Alt!Olivia : I like her, I do, but here’s something I don’t like about characters like her : lack of awareness about their own actions or the consequences their actions have on other’s people.
I discussed this with a lot of people but if there’s one thing I dislike about Alt!Olivia is the fact that she’s not a person who can admit her mistakes. She’s not one to say : “I’m sorry I caused you pain” or “What I did was wrong”.
That’s why, in the end, I enjoy blue!Olivia more than I enjoy Alt!Liv. I adore the two women but I think our Olivia is self-aware in a way that Alt!Liv is never going to be. Olivia has this deep understanding of her mistakes. Not Alt!Liv. I enjoyed seeing Alt!Liv talking and flirting with Walter but she hurt him, deeply.
She saw him again but kept being arrogant the whole time. That annoyed me. It’s consistent with her character but it’s also something I like to take into account when I compare the two Olivias.

Astrid : Her character has evolved so much this season. I enjoy the fact that Astrid has a lot of empathy for people but doesn’t need “powers” like Olivia. She is able to connect with damaged people and make them feel good about themselves just by being herself. She’s an absolute joy to watch.

Walternate : I already made it clear that I like Walternate. I also like his relationship with Elizabeth this season, I enjoy the “partnership” vibe we get from them. I don’t know if he’s that different from the previous Walternate but it’s nice to see him like this.

Lincoln : The sad thing about Lincoln this season is the fact that they used the character to introduce this new timeline. Lincoln was the one who kept asking questions so the audience would understand what is going on. This timeline!Lincoln is a bit of a shadow right now. He has his moments but I would like him to be more active.
The thing about Lincoln, is that his character is there to prove that not all universes and not all romances are the same. We might think that the couple Peter/Olivia is the ultimate pairing in all universes but Lincoln is the ultimate proof that they’re not. He’s the proof that not all universes are the same.
Problem is : Lincoln could be more that that. I want him to be his own character because he has so much potential.

Henry : I have to say, I’m confused about Henry’s role in all of this. It seems like this new timeline is there to get rid of him. I don’t know. Like I said : I’m confused.

So there it is. My thoughts about this season.

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